“I can’t imagine starting my Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings without doing Chair Yoga with Stephanie. Her sessions have not only improved my overall health and fitness. They have elevated my golf game and jogging. Thank you Stephanie for giving me a much better lifestyle.”

— Ralph

“I joined your online Chair Yoga classes in April 2020.  The pandemic had just begun and everyone was inside and not associating.  I live alone, in Florida, and quickly realized the mental toll I was experiencing.  A friend of mine in Maryland, Angie M. 🙂 told me about your classes and shared the link.  It is now May 2022 and I still join in and enjoy the sessions.  In addition to the physical benefit received of moving and stretching the body, I believe the mental benefit is just as important.  I see, and hear ladies I know and that makes me smile.

Thank you for sharing your love of yoga!”

Linda Mack

“Now after participating in the class for a while, I must say that it has truly helped me. The stretches that I never did before have made me more limber and I have more flexibility.  Your balance exercises have improved my balance.  Also, as I get older I noticed that I was getting clumsy and I am much less clumsy now.  Your emphasis on breathing and posture have made me more aware of both.  I feel great after class and very relaxed, so relaxed that sometimes I want to go back to bed. But I know I must get my day started.

In closing, let me just say thank you Stephanie for offering your time, encouragement, and expertise to us and helping us get our bodies in better shape through your chair yoga class.”

— Sybil Wiggins

“Hi Stephanie, I hope it’s not too late to let you know how much I enjoy your classes! I try to participate all 3 days because after class I feel so much better. I usually wake up experiencing aches in my arms and legs but once I go through the stretching postures with you it makes a big difference.  When I don’t take class I don’t feel my best. Thanks for being such a great instructor☺️”

Rose B. McClyde

“Stephanie, your chair yoga class is an incredible blessing!  I appreciate the mindfulness, stretching and balance exercises.  I incorporate many of the moves that I learned from you into my daily exercise routine.  The results have been amazing!  I so appreciate your encouraging comments and suggestions.  Please continue to make an impact in our lives.  We are all very grateful for you.  I attend the Saturday class faithfully and am part of the Johnson family classes.”

— Priscilla Johnson

“The pandemic hit and we were forced to stay indoors.  Stephanie offered a FREE virtual chair yoga class for seniors.  I thought the class would be too slow for me.  However I quickly found that it was fun and after a few classes my flexibility increased and I’m now able to stretch, bend and twist a lot easier. I firmly believe that chair yoga has helped to reduce my muscle stiffness and joint pain.  No prescription medication needed!!!  Also Stephanie told me the importance of meditation.  My mind still wanders but I meditate for 8 minutes each night which helps me relax before I fall asleep.”

— Angie

“Initially, when I started I was doubtful that I would continue.  

I like the addition of other movements you have been blending into the sessions.  It helps me keep my body moving & minimizing stiffiness.  I enjoy the class, too, because it’s my speed, and thank you.”

— Mosina Kendrick

“Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for the gift of chair yoga! I began the class during the start of the pandemic and I have benefited from the experience of learning and practicing both in class and outside of it.  Helps my flexibility as well.

Also, I appreciate the routine it offered throughout the pandemic, giving me an activity to look forward to. 

Thank you!”